Virtual Backpack Guidelines

Guidelines for Homer School District 33C’s Virtual Backpack Flyer Approval and Posting Homer School District 33C often receives requests from organizations to distribute informational materials to students. Suitability and approval are at the discretion of Homer School District 33C, please be advised that we are very selective in allowing items to be distributed through our communication systems. Requesting organizations must be located within our boundaries or its contiguous communities. Please read all guidelines prior to submitting your flyer.

The following criteria will apply to materials submitted for posting on the website:

  • The organization must be a non-profit group (501c3) based in the Homer School District 33C community or its contiguous communities.
  • The request must be made at least 10 business days prior to posting.
  • The District retains the right to determine the date material is posted and removed.
  • Organizations are limited to three postings per month.
  • A copy of the exact material to be posted must be emailed in PDF form to
  • The material may not contain any of the following:
    • Any direct solicitation of money or other items of value except for dues for membership or fees for an activity announced in the material.
    • Anything that would cause substantial disruption of the orderly operations of the school or its activities.
    • Personal information about persons other than those seeking distribution.
    • Material which is defamatory or insulting to any group or individual.
    • Material which is socially inappropriate. o Material dealing with human sexuality.
    • Material which is commercial in nature, except as related to approved school funding activities or services supportive of school-sponsored activities.
    • Material that would violate any law or Board policy.
    • Material which is political in nature.
  • The District reserves the right to further limit the number of requests for posting, permit exceptions to the criteria noted above, deny posting rights to individuals or organizations which have demonstrated irresponsibility, and permit limited paper copy distributions to students.
  • If your material is approved for posting you will receive approval notification at the email address that the flyer was sent from.
  • Once approval has been received, if you wish to make paper copies available for students not having internet access, please provide one bundle of 25 for each of our schools and deliver to the District Office at 15733 Bell Road.
  • PLEASE NOTE IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The following disclaimer must appear on each copy of the flyer in order to receive approval: “This activity is sponsored by (your organization’s name here). This organization is not affiliated with Homer CCSD #33C and the District does not sponsor or endorse this organization or their activities. All messages are “solely the expression of the individual organization and not an endorsement of any message’s content by the District.” This flyer has been made available to students pursuant to the District’s policy governing the distribution of written materials from school and non-school organizations.”
  • All literature and materials approved for distribution on out-of-district trips not sponsored by the School District involving students must include the following disclaimer: “The (your organizations name here) which is planning and operating a student trip is not sponsored by or affiliated with Homer Community Consolidated School District No. 33-C. While information regarding the trip may receive some publicity at or through schools in the School District, the School District, Board of Education, its employees and agents have no responsibility for and no duties in connection with the proposed trip. If a student, parent/guardian or any participant experiences any injury or other loss in connection with these activities, neither the student, parent/guardian, participant nor their representatives may assert a claim against or recover money from the School District, Board of Education, its employees and agents. “