Summary of the November 19, 2019 Board of Education Meeting

Summary of the November 19, 2019 Board of Education Meeting



Board Recognition:

The 8th grade boys volleyball team went undefeated in conference play 9-0.  They also went undefeated in the DesPlaines Valley Conference Tournament, 3-0; an overall record for the season was 12-0. Great job, Coach Fleming and boys!  The Board recognized the 8th grade boys’ volleyball team:  Josh Bluhm, Ray Dryier, Evan Dziadkowiec, Sam Eliacostas, Michael Keblusek, Ben McQuaid, Brayden Miller, Nate Nacino, Charlie Nelson, Hunter Phillips, Kyle Rada, Wade Welke, and Coach Deborah Fleming. Award certificates were presented to each team member by Board president, Debbie Martin.



Cross Country Team:

The boys took 2nd place in the DesPlaines Valley Conference and the girls took 1st in the conference meet. Homer 33C’s cross country team earned 4th place in sectionals in a highly competitive field. The Homer girls earned second place in sectionals. Bryce Flood qualified for state. Abbey and Meghan Mack qualified four years in a row for state. Kaylin Klutcharch also qualified for state.  Recognized by the Board were:  Alyssa Flood, Ava Kozak, Meghan Mack, Abbey Mack, Sarah Mack, Kaylin Klutcharch, Lexi Shea, Madison Strom, Mackenzie Wilburn, Rowan Tone, Bryce Flood, and coaches John Fencl, Della LoPresti, and Kristen Bard.  Award certificates were presented to each team member by Board president, Debbie Martin.


Recognition of Visitors:

A parent expressed concern about the communication at a Homer school. She stated that there was inconsistent communication and graded assignments/tests were not sent home.


Homer Council Report:

Co-president, Cathy Clayton, stated the results of the certified staff vote on the new certified contract. The new contract passed by 67% of the votes. 91% of the certified staff members voted. In recognition of Illinois School Board Recognition Day, Cathy also thank the Board for their time, energy and hard work.


Homer Support Staff Council Report:

Co-president, Stella Kapusta, thanked the School Board for their service and hard work. Mrs. Kapusta also offered congratulations on the new certified staff contract. 


The Following Items Were Approved in the Consent Agenda:

Leaves of Absence:

●        Chris Carlson - 8th grade math teacher at Homer Junior High School - eff. 10/22/19 - 11/6/19, returning on 11/7/19

●        Lorie Matriciano - special education teacher at Hadley Middle School - eff. immediately

●        Brittany Tews - 3rd grade teacher at Schilling School - eff. 12/4/19 - 12/20/19, returning on 1/6/20

●        Bill Kocanda - head custodian at Homer Junior High School - eff. 10/30/19 - 12/30/19, returning on 1/2/20


●        Therese Francis - paraprofessional at Hadley Middle School - eff. 10/24/19 - 11/29/19, tentatively returning on 12/2/19

●        Marian Ploger - bus driver at Transportation - eff. 11/11/19 - 12/20/19, returning on 1/7/20



●        Carol Dicksen - 6th and 7th grade boys’ volleyball coach - eff. 2020-2021 school year


Employment Recommendation(s):

●        Heather Ryan - paraprofessional at Butler School - eff. 11/20/19

●        Catherine Adamski - instructional aide at Schilling School - eff. 11/20/19

●        Marcia Duran - lunchroom monitor at Butler School - correction to wage from $10.40 to $10.59 per hour

●        Nicole Lewis - lunchroom monitor at Young School - eff. 11/20/19

●        Abdo Ali - bus driver at Transportation - eff. 12/19/19, dependent upon successfully completing his criminal background check and obtaining his CDL for driving a school bus


Employment Recommendation(s) for Extra-Curricular Staff:

●        Marisa Lopez - 7th grade girls volleyball coach at Homer Junior High School - eff. the 2019-2020 school year


Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Mike Szopinski, provided an update on Illinois Assessment of Readiness and the school improvement plans. Please see attachment for the presentation.


Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Mike Portwood, provided a presentation from the HR Department. Please see attachment for the presentation.


Glen Wysong, Director of Buildings and Grounds, provided an update on Butler School leaks.  Mr. Wysong reported to the Board that there have been leaks in different rooms from the library, Room 9, 33 and 36 during the month of October.  Mr. Wysong has been working with the roof contractor, as well as Tria and the general contractor, to address all leaks at Butler School. The problems have varied from a leaking value to no flashing for Room 9 to issues with the louver in Room 33. 


Mr. Wysong also reported on Homer Junior High School’s HVAC system.  A Hydronics engineer was brought in to review drawings and the system design.  The engineer confirmed that the design was correctly installed.  The manufacturer was contacted to verify that the univents were designed to meet the specified conditions.  OAS reached out to Midwest/Change Air to provide a letter stating that the design and assembly of the new univents were per the designed-specified conditions.  We are still waiting on a letter from Midwest/Change Air.  Also, on Monday, October 14, 2019, OAS and FE Moran were on site to check the system and found that the temperatures were not responding on some of the univents.  After this visit, Mr. Wysong scheduled a meeting with all parties involved and agreed that FE Moran would have to clean and flush the entire system.  FE Moran started this process on Friday, November 8, during the corridor HVAC project.  As an extra set of eyes, Mr. Wysong had a night custodian walk with FE Moran during this process and document all of the results. Also, on Monday, November 11, our maintenance crew received work orders indicating that rooms 112, 114 and 116 were cold; our maintenance tech removed and cleaned the strainers and an immediate increase in the temperature was noted. 


Superintendent Report:

Superintendent, Craig Schoppe, reported the following:


Strategic Planning Update

During the first week in November, the Consortium for Education Change completed a three-day site visit as part of our systems assessment.  This assessment was completed to benchmark Homer 33C against a set of research-based, continuous improvement practices for high-performing districts.  The CEC team completed on-site interviews and reviewed numerous documents (5 Essentials survey, School Report Cards, etc.) to identify consistent trends/patterns throughout the district.  


The CEC team provided the district a 45 minute oral report at the end of the 3 day site visit.  Below are some of my takeaways from the presentation.  Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list but just a few items I wanted to highlight for all of you.



1.       Student Achievement as measured by state testing is high compared to neighboring districts. 

2.       Student satisfaction is very high.  Students enjoy coming to school and feel their teachers and principal care for them.  The learning environment is safe and nurturing.

3.       There is a committed and caring staff. Staff and leaders demonstrate loyalty, dedication, and commitment. Staff is recognized for going beyond the call of duty to help students succeed.

4.       Relationships are healthy and positive.  Staff morale is strong and positive within each school and improving throughout district.

5.       Parent satisfaction and support is high.

Opportunities for Growth

1.       There are equity issues in staffing and resource allocation across schools.

2.       There are space issues with variances in class size across schools.

3.       There are inconsistencies in expectations across the district.

4.       Staff identified a breakdown in communication districtwide.  Families identified confusion as to where to find information as it varies from teacher to teacher, school to school. There is a lack of communication expectations across classroom, school, departments, and district.

5.       There is a lack of guaranteed collaboration time coupled with opportunities for PLC training and coaching.

Last week our self-study team met with Perry, the CEC facilitator to review the report and ask clarifying questions regarding the evidence behind each finding.  I will share the final report with our staff this week and include a link on our website for our community to review.  We will use this report to drive our strategic plan which is the next step in this process.  I am working with the CEC to schedule 6 dates after winter break to begin the strategic planning process.  The strategic planning committee will be formed once we have dates scheduled. 

Long Term Facilities Committee Update

The Long Term Facilities Committee held our first meeting on November 13th to review current and projected student enrollment numbers, building space issues throughout the district and began to create a plan to address future growth.  Mike provided the committee an enrollment projection overview and Al provided an overview of facility updates that have been completed recently.  Based on that information, we identified a number of possible options to consider and will discuss the pros and cons of each option at the next meeting.  The committee is scheduled to meet again on December 3rd.


School Board Recognition Day

November 15th was School Board Recognition Day.  I want to thank all seven of you for your dedication and commitment to the students, staff and community of Homer 33C.  All of you volunteer countless hours each month away from your family to serve our District.  Please know that we all appreciate your efforts.  Thank you!


Approved Old Business:

●        The Resolution to Levy 2019 property taxes

●        Resolution instructing the county clerk how to apportion 2019 tax levy extension reductions


Approved New Business:

●        Adjustment to nurse sub rate

●        Sub Authorization Cost Reimbursement

●        Working cash abatement resolution

●        Contract with Konica Minolta OneRate program as our copier vendor

●        Atlas IED Intercom System will be installed by Applied Communications Group at Hadley Middle School 

●        Recommendation to add four after school math support sponsors for the 2019-2020 school year. 




Next Board Meeting is Tuesday, December 17, 2019