Summary of the May 28, 2019 Board of Education Meeting

Summary of the May 28, 2019 Board of Education Meeting

Summary of May 28, 2019 Board Meeting   

The Board recognized 12 retirees:  Loraine Creedon, Cindy Denton, Jane Fiedor, Deirdre Galvin, Dawn Johnson, Beth Packo, Pam Piwowar, Arlene Siefert, Ann Christie, Maureen Domke, Mary Ann Johnson, and Judith O’Hare. Thank you for your service to our district--we wish you success in the next chapter of your life!


Homer Council Report:

Cathy Clayton offered congratulations to the retirees. Cathy shared that a negotiation meeting will take place on Thursday.


Homer Support Staff Council Report:

Susan Koziarski expressed congratulations to the retirees. She wished a nice summer break to all staff.


 Approved Request(s) for Leave of Absence:

●        Christi Larson - paraprofessional at Young School - eff. 4/8/19-6/7/19


 Approved Resignation(s):

●        Renee Schwab - special education teacher at Goodings Grove School - eff. 8/1/19

●         Madisen McCarthy - summer worker at Buildings and Grounds - eff. immediately

●        Brian Svoboda - bus driver at Transportation - eff. 5/15/19

●        Timothy Gajdorus - bus driver at Transportation - eff. the end of the 2018-2019 school year

●        Nolan O'Neil - summer helper at Buildings and Grounds - eff. immediately

●        Matthew Rose - substitute custodian/summer helper at Buildings and Grounds - eff. 5/10/19

●        Roman Starkey - summer helper at Buildings and Grounds - eff. immediately


Approved Position Recommendation:

●        +1.0 FTE Teacher Transitional Bilingual Education at Goodings Grove School

●        +0.5 FTE Special Education Teacher at Goodings Grove School

●        +3.0 Social Workers - 1.0 FTE at Homer Jr. High School, 1.0 FTE at Hadley Middle School, 0.5 at Schilling School, and 0.5 at Young School

●        +0.5 FTE Spanish Teacher at Hadley Middle School

●        +0.5 FTE Early Childhood Structure Classroom Teacher

●        +1 FTE Early Childhood Teacher at Young


Approved Position Recommendation(s) for Non-Certified Staff:

●        +1.5 Paraprofessional at Young School




Approved Position Recommendation(s):

●        Approved Employment Recommendation(s) for Certified Staff - Jared McCarthy - 8th grade PE/Health teacher at Homer Jr. High School - eff. 8/19/19

●        Cary Fotopoulos, Home Economics teacher at Homer Jr. High School - eff. 8/19/19

●        Amy Ebeidalla - Transitional Program of Instruction at Homer Jr. High School - eff. 8/19/19

●        Bridget Flavin - school psychologist at Homer Jr. High School - contract extension from 101 days to 120 days

●        Jennifer Jeffries - 7th grade language arts teacher at Homer Jr. High School - eff. 8/19/19

●        Patrice Kimzey - bus driver at Transportation - eff. 8/14/19, dependent upon successfully completing a criminal background check and obtaining a CDL for driving a school bus

●        Douglas Kazmierczak - custodial summer worker at Goodings Grove School - eff. 6/1/19

●        Raymond Holland - custodial summer worker at Hadley Middle School - eff. 6/1/19

●        Jamie Hansen - custodian summer worker - eff. 6/1/19

●        Jessimarie Harris - bus driver at Transportation - eff. 8/14/19 


Approved Employment Recommendations for Extended School Year (ESY) Summer 2019:

●        Julie Andrulis – S.I./Clarida Paraprofessional, Kristen Bard – 5th Cross Cat Teacher, Brian Baud – Occupational Therapist, Rachel Bentivenga – 1st/Fazio Paraprofessional, Melissa Benton – S.I./7th Teacher, Debbie Burke – S.I./McGowan Paraprofessional, Yolanda Bzdyk – S.I.,/McGowan Paraprofessional, Jamie Callan – Social Worker, Carrie Carlson – EC/Pecci Paraprofessional, Cari Clarida – S.I./5th/6th Teacher, Julie Conrad – Physical Therapist, Annmarie Corcoran – EC Teacher, Andrea Durbin – Speech/Language, Nicole Fazio – 1st Cross Cat Teacher, Susie Fink – EC Teacher, MariClaire Fitzgerald, 5th/Bard Paraprofessional, Therese Francis – EC/Corcoran Paraprofessional, Laura Georgiou – S.I./K-3 Paraprofessional, Joan Giroux – S.I./Clarida Paraprofessional, Laurie Giroux – Substitute Paraprofessional, Jonathan Grill – 6th Cross Cat Teacher, Lisa Haglund – Social Work, Cheri Hansen – 3rd/Moore Paraprofessional, Jacqueline Herrera – S.I./Jung Paraprofessional, Megan Hoak – 5th/Bard Paraprofessional, Mary Lynn Hoffman – 3rd/Lewandowski Paraprofessional, Angie Holland – Computer Lab, Annette Jung – S.I./K-3 Teacher, Annette Jung – S.I./K-3 Teacher, Eileen Kolacki – 2nd/Woods Paraprofessional, Brenna Kozar – EC/Fink Paraprofessional, Janine Kozubowski – EC/Fink Paraprofessional, Terese Leonard – 1st/Fazio Paraprofessional, Kathleen Lewandowski – 3rd Cross Cat Teacher, Kathryn Locke – Nurse, Jared McCarthy – 4th Cross Cat Teacher, Terese McElroy – S.I./McGowan Paraprofessional, Kathy McGowan – S.I./1st-4th Teacher, Kelli Merlo – Speech/Language, Elizabeth Moore – 3rd Cross Cat Teacher, Julie Muellerschoen – 6th/7th/Musial Paraprofessional, Wendy, Muellerschoen – S.I./Benton Paraprofessional, Karen Musial – 6th/7th Grade Cross Cat, Jill Nye – Occupational Therapist, Catherine O’Callahan – S.I./McGowan Paraprofessional, Grace Osinski – EC/Mrs. Corcoran Paraprofessional, Samantha Osinski – EC/Pecci Paraprofessional, Richard Osterkorn – Substitute Teacher Paraprofessional , Karissa Pecci – EC Teacher, Bonnie Plebanek – 6th/Grill Paraprofessional, Sharon Rachan – Computer Lab, Rachel Rush – Nurse, Phyllis Ruzella – Substitute Paraprofessional, Patricia Serwecinski – EC/Pecci Paraprofessional, Victoria Smietanski – EC/Fink Paraprofessional, Suzanna Sopiarz – 6th/Grill Paraprofessional, Vivienne Stapleton – 4th/McCarthy Paraprofessional, Caroline Wickman – Nurse, Jennifer Woods – 2nd Cross Cat Teacher, Alexandria Yahl – EC/Corcoran Paraprofessional.


Approved Recommendation(s) for Extra-Curriculum Staff – Sports Coaches Recommendations for 2019-2020:

●  Mike Mitchell-7th Grade Baseball, Joel Button-8th Grade Baseball, Jennifer Mitchell-7th Grade Softball, Brittany Konsoer and Kristin Guska-8th Grade Softball, Kristen Bard-5th/6th Grade Cross Country, John Fencl-7th/8th Boys Cross Country, Della LoPresti-7th/8th Grade Girls Cross Country, Matthew Hull-6th Grade Boys Basketball, Jake Gage-7th Grade Boys Basketball, Bill Pavlich-8th Grade Boys Basketball, John Hajak-7th Grade Girls Basketball, Andrew Maier-8th Grade Girls Basketball, Carol Dicksen-6th/7th Grade Boys Volleyball, Deb Fleming-8th Grade Boys Volleyball, Annmarie Corcoran-6th Grade Girls Volleyball, Jeff Weathers-8th Grade Girls Volleyball, Andrew Dole-7th/8th Grade Bowling, Katelyn Kreten-6th-8th Grade Cheerleading, David Rush, Jared McCarthy, Paul Oter-5th-8th Grade Wrestling, Bill Pavlich, Mike Poremba, Nate Keasler-7th/8th Grade Boys Track, Kristen Bard, Jard McCarthy Nate Keasteri-7th/8th Grade Girls Track, Linda Curry-5th/6th Grade Speech, Nichole Boyce-7th/8th Grade Speech, Andy Dole-Girls Golf, Jake Gage-Boys Golf, Hadley Middle School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Linda Kaczmarek-Art Club, Lynda Scanland-5th Computer Club, Andrew Dole-6th Technology Club, Linda Curry-Drama Club, Kristen Thompson-Math Club, Katie Coopman-Mustang Buddies 5th, Jaime Cabral-Mustang Buddies 6th, Linda Curry-Speech Squad, Alison Pikus-Student Council, John Grill-Careers in Video, Chris Fuller-Yearbook Club, Kaleen DeFilippis-Holba-Yoga Club, Sarah Sheehan-Scholastic Bowl, Goodings Grove School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Jaime Callan-Mustang Buddies, Amy Miller-Chorus, Schilling School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Katherine Sisto-Drama, Sarah Sheehan-Drama, Young School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Jeffrey Jonaitis/Wendy Bruin-Young Run Club, Jodi Bordenaro-Music Ensemble Club for Grades 3 and 4, Taylor Ketelaar, Young School Drama Club, Homer Jr. High School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Sharon Rachan-8th Grade Sponsor, Amy Dornbos-Art Club, Amy Dornbos-Art Fair, Stephanie Moore-Craft Club, Mary Ann Johnson-Cooking Club, Jason Zenawick-Fitness Club, Megan Browning-Honor Club, Eileen Garrison-Honor Club, Phil Ackland, Industrial Arts, Shannon Gentile-Mustang Buddies, Jen Donahue-Mustang Buddies, Laura Collins-Natural Helpers, Shannon Schroder-Natural Helpers, Joel Button-Outdoor Adventure Club, Deborah Fleming-Science Club, Brittany Konsoer-Student Council, Amy Lepper-Student Council, Cathy Clayton-Yearbook, Sara Devenney-Yearbook, Diane Pullara-Choir Director, Dianne Pullara-Homer Show Choir Director, Kenton Brace-Percussion Ensemble, Jason Thompson-Percussion Ensemble, Kenton Brace-Mustang Band, Jason Thompson-Jazz Band, Kenton Brace-Summer Band, Jason Thompson-Summer Band, Kenton Brace-Band Director, Jason Thompson-Band Director, Butler School Club Sponsors for 2019-2020, Kathy McGowan/Katie Hansen-Club Butler, Joel Huffman-4th Grade Chorus Club


Informational Reports:

Mike Portwood, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, reported that we are in the process of finishing up assignment letters.  We are also closing out the resident hearing that recently concluded. 


Arlene Seifert, Director of Technology, reported new Chromebooks were coming out this week.  Her team is getting Powerschool ready for the rollover which will happen after July 1, 2019.


Renee Karalus, Director of Special Services, gave a shout out to Carmel Hoak, Principal of ESY (extended school year), for her help in getting ESY ready for this summer.  She noted that the suicide assessment team met recently and will meet again in the fall; they are working on putting together resources.  Renee thanked everyone for all their support during her first year with Homer 33C.


Troy Mitchell, principal at Homer Jr. High School, provided an update on the 8th grade graduation ceremony.  He provided a document to each Board member with directions for the ceremony.


Craig Schoppe, Superintendent, reported that the staff at Hadley Middle school are working hard to pack things up in preparation of the summer HVAC project.  Board members DeSchaaf and DeFilippis volunteered to be on the newly created Long-Term Facilities Planning Committee.  The purpose of the committee is to review current and projected student enrollment numbers, building space issues throughout the district, and create a plan to address future growth. The committee will include staff, parents and community members. Once interested participants have been identified and all committee positions filled, a meeting will be scheduled this summer to begin discussions.  Superintendent Schoppe thanked all staff for their efforts and hard work to make this year such a wonderful year for the students.  Each school year we have the opportunity to make a connection with a new group of students, and it is hard to watch them walk out our doors on the last day of school.  Our staff accomplished a lot of great things this year and we are truly thankful for their efforts to positively impact each Homer 33C student.


Mike Szopinski, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, introduced the District Leadership Team who provided an update on student learning and each school’s many fundraising accomplishments.  School Leadership Teams presented fall and spring student achievement data for reading and math. We are all deeply proud of our student growth in math and reading and all the civic and community initiatives that teach our students to give back to our community.


Al Kirkus, Assistant Superintendent for Business, presented the FY20 draft tentative budget. Mr. Kirkus stated our projected total revenues would be $54,524,438. Our FY projected expenditures would be $54,135,566. He stated that including capital outlay and debt service expenditures, our expenditures will be $63,604,102. You can view the board presentation using the following link:


Al Kirkus, Assistant Superintendent for Business, provided an update on the Health Insurance RFP.  Mr. Kirkus stated we would keep Mesirow Financial as our district representative for the 2019-2020 school year. Al shared that, during the upcoming school year, we will research options to reduce overall health insurance costs for all. 


Board Approvals:

●        New Social Studies Resources for Grades 6-8. 

●        2019-2020 Transportation Handbook


Approval of New Assistant Director:

Bridget Withrow, Assistant Director of Special Services at Administration, with an annual salary of $90,000, effective 7/1/19.



Next Regular Board Meeting - Thursday, June 20, 2019, 7:00 p.m.