Summary of September 25, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

Summary of September 25, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

Recognition of Visitors:

Three Homer 33C parents spoke to the board about their concern with the location of their child's bus stop. Parents stated that the location was too close to an intersection. They requested that their bus stop be moved.

Homer Council Report:

Cathy Clayton, Co-President of the Certified Union, shared that the district had their first District Leadership Team (D.L.T.) meeting. It was a positive and productive meeting. Cathy also shared that the union continues to have open dialogue with Mr. Schoppe.

Homer Support Staff Council Report:

Stella Kapusta, Co-President of the Support Staff Union, stated that they had nothing to report at this time.

Board Approved:

August 21, 2018 Regular Board meeting minutes and the August 21, 2018, Closed Session meeting minutes. Treasurer's report as of August 2018, the total current fund balance at the end of August was $33.7M.

The Board passed a resolution authorizing a transfer from the District's Working Cash fund in the amount of

$800,000 to the IMRF and Tort funds by $500,000 and $300,000 respectively.


Beverly Orwat - Occupational Therapist at Homer Junior High School, Hadley School and Goodings Grove School

Kim Glynn - Lunchroom/Recess Monitor at Young School Laura Giovannetti - Lunch Monitor at Hadley School Maureen Keating - Bus Driver at Transportation

Mark Pedigo - Custodian at Hadley Middle School Leighann Cannon - Hadley Scholastic Bowl team sponsor

Requests for Leave of Absence:

Kaleen DeFilippis-Holba - 5th Grade Teacher at Hadley School - from 2/18/19 to 5/8/19, returning on 5/9/19 Christine Murphy - K-4 Grade Teacher at Schilling School - from 9/4/18 to 11/23/18, returning on 11/26/18 Morgan Buerger - 1st Grade Teacher at Schilling School - from 1/7/19 to 4/8/19 and a child care leave of absence from 4/8/19 to 6/4/19, returning for the 2019-2020 school year

Kati Bevering - Special Education Teacher at Hadley School - from 1/28/19 to 4/26/19, returning on 4/29/19

Position Recommendations

Keela Strouf - Kindergarten Teacher at Schilling School Jennifer Wirtz - Special Education EC teacher at Young School Denise Schroeder - Psychologist at Goodings Grove School Angela Adolf - 5th grade teacher at Hadley - salary adjustment German Garcia - Custodian at Homer Junior High School

Kathy Strzelczyk - Lunchroom Monitor at Homer Junior High School Patricia Serwecinski - Paraprofessional

Julie Tanguay - Paraprofessional at Butler Clarissa Morris - Bus Driver at Transportation

Esmeralda Ahmad - Lunchroom Monitor at Young School

Approved the employment recommendations for extra-curricular staff:

Marisa Lopez - 6th Grade Girls Basketball Coach Sarah Sheehan - Schilling Drama Club Sponsor

Taylor Ketelaar - Drama Club Sponsor at Young School Jordana Letizia - Drama Club Sponsor at Young School Kari Olson - Talent Show Sponsor at Young School Megan Huntley - Talent Show Sponsor at Young School

Jodi Bordenaro - First Steps in Music for 1st Graders Sponsor at Young School Erin Sagon - ASAP 8th grade math at Homer Junior High School,

Sarah Collins - ASAP 7th grade math at Homer Junior High School Sawsan Jaber - ASAP 7th grade reading at Homer Junior High School Stephanie Zych - ASAP 8th grade reading at Homer Junior High School Joel Huffman - Music Sponsor at Butler

Lisa Haglund - 5th/6th grade Mustang Buddies at Hadley Middle School Kathy Kaufman - Science Club Sponsor at Hadley Middle School

Danielle Evans - 5th grade Math ASAP Club Sponsor at Hadley Middle School All 2018-2019 differentiation facilitators

All 2018-2019 head mentors and year one and year two mentors All 2018-2019 school leadership and district leadership members

Old Business:

Mr. Kirkus stated that the budget was revised slightly with an anticipated decrease in both revenues and expenditures for a total net budget decrease of $35,058 as compared to the tentative budget. FY 2019 Budget was approved.

Informational Reports:

Mr. Mike Szopinski, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, reported that he is in the process of vetting K-5th grade math textbooks for the math cadre committee. The math cadre will narrow down the choices to two math textbooks. Math cadre members will pilot two math textbooks in their classrooms. The goal is a March board approval of a new K-5th grade math textbook. Mr. Szopinski stated he is researching and vetting 6th-8th grade social science textbooks. Mike is in the process of creating a 6th-8th grade social science cadre committee. He will seek an April Board Approval for a new 6th-8th grade social science textbook.

Mr. David Mekhiel, Assistant Director of Special Services, reported that the special education department has six staff members moving on to Level 2 Wilson training. Special Education staff also has five staff members in

Level 1 Wilson training. David stated that special education staff members were interested in training to become a Registered Behavior Technician which the training consists of strategies to support children with autism.

Ms. Arlene Siefert, Director of Technology, reported PowerSchool is off to a great start. She continues to monitor the system. Ms. Siefert also shared that the technology department has completed 486 technology work orders, in addition, to all of their other technology responsibilities.

Mr. Glen Wysong, Director of Buildings and Grounds, reported Goodings Grove playground is now open for students. Mr. Wysong also shared that many of Goodings Grove School updates, recommended by the architect were completed.

Mr. Robert Rounsaville, Director of Support Personnel Services, reported that the transportation department is fully staffed. He also thanked everyone for their assistance when Schilling School and the Transportation Department had a power outage. Two new busses were ordered for this year. One bus has arrived. The other should arrived soon.

Ms. Candis Gasa, Principal of Schilling School, reported that Schilling School was recognized in Chicago Magazine as a top five school in Will County. Ms. Gasa and Mr. Leipart shared that Schilling School has Mission Monday, every week. On Mondays, Ms. Gasa and Mr. Leipart have a challenge for all students and staff to make a positive contribution to the Schilling community.

Mr. Craig Schoppe, Superintendent of Schools, stated student safety is the highest priority. The district has removed additional light posts at Butler School as a precaution. In addition, a structural engineer is conducting safety checks on all light poles in our district. Mr. Schoppe also shared that video cameras for school safety are being installed in the main office of all schools and other important areas.

Mike Portwood, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, reported Enrollment - 17-18 projections came in at 2% under 18-19 actuals. This year K came in 379 students, 16 sections. 15 students transferred from St.

Dennis for 18-19 with 8 of those landing in 7th grade. Because of a smaller kindergarten enrollment this year in

comparison to last, it is likely 1st grade sections will be reduced at Schilling, Butler, and possibly Goodings Grove. Overall, 29 classrooms, across the district, have, on average, 3 students fewer than they did last year.

Space within the buildings is at a premium, and the district will need to, in the coming months, strategize as to how to deal with rising enrollment numbers, should they continue to increase.

Local Growth overview - two developments within Homer 33C's boundaries have received preliminary approval, and if all goes as planned, Goodings Grove and Young can expect to see increases of 101 students in the next 36 months, as construction begins. Lockport's Sagebrook subdivision, in the Butler attendance area, continues to be the fastest growing area within Homer's boundaries.

Health Insurance Update:

Mr. Kirkus explained that our insurance renewal for this year will include a 3% premium increase to our PPO and HSA plans; there is no change to our HMO plans.

Mr. Kirkus also explained that the district has accumulated over $400,000 as a result of better than expected PPO and HSA medical claim payouts over the past several years. The district plans to use a portion of these funds to rebate employee insurance contributions, partially offsetting the 3% increase for PPO and HSA members. The rebate would likely take place in the first few months of 2019. HMO participants did not contribute to the positive balance, and will not receive a rebate; there is no increase in HMO plan rates for next year.

Mr. Kirkus also told the Board that the district is considering conducting a dependent eligibility audit this year, and will likely seek approval to proceed at the October Board of Education meeting. The audit is to identify and remove individuals currently enrolled in a District health insurance program but who are not entitled to that benefit.

New Business Approved:

The notice of retirement for Deborah Kuhny, 6th grade math teacher at Hadley Middle School, subject to compliance with the applicable requirements of TRS and the District's collective bargaining agreement - effective at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

The EIS Administrator and Teacher Salary and benefits reports for school year 2018. Policy Updates: First and Second Reading of policies: 4:80, 6:60, and 7:50.

Assistant Superintendent, Michael Szopinski, reported on a Summer Scholar Position. He is recommending that Summer Scholar Program Position become a teacher stipend. Currently, the Discovery Coordinators teach the Summer Scholar Program.

Mr. Troy Mitchell, Principal at Homer Junior High, gave a presentation advocating for a new staff position to support students who are placed in an alternative learning environment. Mr. Mitchell gave examples of how this will help students with academics and with social emotional needs.

Proposed 2019 Summer Construction:

Mr. Kirkus provided details for proposed summer construction projects, the majority of which will take place at Hadley. In addition to the work at Hadley, a generator was proposed for Homer Jr. High, a roof replacement and water softener installation for Butler, and an updated Fire Alarm system for Goodings Grove were also included. The total estimated cost for these projects is: $4.5M.

Board members had no items to discuss in future Board meetings

Special Board Meeting is Monday, October 1 at 4:00 p.m.

Next General Board Meeting is Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00 p.m.