Summary of August 21, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

Summary of August 21, 2018 Board of Education Meeting

At the August 21 Board of Education Meeting:

Certified Staff Union Co-President Cathy Clayton reported that the classrooms looked amazing. Teachers were ready for the students. She reported that teachers had two days of training on differentiation, PowerSchool and SafeSchools.

Support Staff Union Co-President Susan Koziarski stated the support staff appreciated the training that they received from the Special Education Department.

Leave of Absences:

●Approved the requests for Leave of Absence (beginning and end dates open to modification) for certified staff: Beth Pekala - 2nd Grade Teacher at Goodings Grove School – from 10/22/18 to 11/20/18 and a child care leave of absence from 12/3/18 to 3/1/19, returning on 3/15/19

●Approved the requests for Leave of Absence (beginning and end dates open to modification) for non-certified staff: Scott Masen - Paraprofessional at Homer Junior High School, eff. 8/22/18, returning 10/26/18, Marsha Thompson - Paraprofessional at Hadley School - eff. 8/20/18 to an anticipated date of return on 11/1/18

Approved Employee Recommendations:

●Approved the employment recommendations for certified staff: JoEllyn Moroney - Music Teacher at Schilling School - eff. 8/22/18, Vesna Bumbarovska Zaharieva - 0.5 Music Teacher at Schilling School - eff. 8/22/18, Bridget Flavin - Psychologist at Homer Junior High School - eff. 8/22/18

●Approved the employment recommendation for non-certified staff: Patricia Serwecinski - Spec Ed Support - Paraprofessional at Young School - eff. 8/22/1, Christine Kuczero - Spec Ed Support - Paraprofessional at Young School, eff. 8/22/18

Approved Extra-Curricular Staff Assignments:

●Approved the employment recommendations for extra-curricular staff: Katie Coopman - 5th Grade Mustang Buddies, Rose Bumber – Homework Club/6th -1 day a week, Cortny Pozdal – Homework Club/6th - 1 day, Linda Curry - Drama Club (5th & 6th), Linda Curry – Speech Squad (5th & 6th), Kate Walsh - 6th Grade Mustang Buddies, Jen Mitchell – Homework Club/5th, Abel Orelove – Digital Storytelling Club, Chris Fuller – Yearbook Club, Wendy Pangrazio – ASAP 6th Math (A), Chris Love – ASAP 5th Math (A), Alexandria Yahl – ASAP 5th Math (B), Karen Toland – ASAP 6th ELA (A), Jackie Niemeyer, ASAP 6th ELA (B), Lorie Matriciano, ASAP 5th ELA (A), Carmel Hoak - ASAP 5th ELA (B), Carmel Hoak – ASAP 6th Math (A), Alison Pikus - Hadley Student Council, Lynda Scanland – 5th Grade Computer Club, AndyDole – 6th Grade Technology Club, Linda Kaczmarek – 6thGrade Art Club, Kaleen DeFilippis-Holba – Yoga Club, Kristin Thompson – Math Club, John Grill – Video Game Club, Mary Muenchow/Samantha Schneider – First Responders Club, Cheerleading Coach – Jacqueline Gallagher - 6th, 7th and 8th Grade

Directors and Assistant Superintendents' Reports:

●Mike Portwood, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, reported that the district was working to fill a 1 FTE psychologist and .5 E.C. opening. Mike stated that we opened our sixteenth section of kindergarten. He reported that he was meeting with all building registrars on August 31 to debrief on the registration process. Mr. Portwood shared with the board that seven students have disenrolled since the new registration process. He thanked Linda Kaczmarek and Pat Flounders for their recent efforts in district projects.

●Mike Szopinski, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, reported we are creating 1st-4th grade science scope and sequence. Our Title Grant has been submitted to the state. Mr. Szopinski made adjustments to the mentoring program based on head mentor suggestions. Also, Stages for certified staff is updated for 2018-2019 School Year.

●Renee Karalus, Director of Special Services, thanked the staff for a warm welcome and is getting to know the staff. She sent out a survey to staff in order to learn strengths and areas of concern among the staff. Mrs. Karalus reported that Mrs. Mrotek trained support staff on best practices with behavior management. She shared with support staff about the opportunity to be certified as a behavior technician.

●Arlene Siefert, Director of Technology, reported that PowerSchool is ready. She stated that attendance and grades start on Wednesday. She mentioned that the technology department worked on 3,000 chromebooks this summer. Arlene thanked the technology staff and district office staff for their support.

●Glen Wysong, Director of Buildings and Grounds, thanked everyone for their patience this summer. He reported that the Homer Junior project is completed. Glen did report that they were addressing control issues and humidity build up at Homer Junior High. Glen stated that the playground at Goodings Grove was close to completion. This Thursday, the contractor would be completing their final check. He thanked all buildings and grounds and custodial staff for the great job this summer.

●Robert Rounsaville, Director of Support Personnel Services, reported the transportation department is 100% staffed. He stated that his department has received 208 parent requests for transportation changes. Robert trained all lunchroom and recess monitors for this school year.

●Craig Schoppe, Superintendent, reported that there is a proposed new housing development located along Cedar Road between 159th and 163rd street. The development would add 115 unit, rear loaded townhome area; a 113 unit, front-loaded townhome area; and an area consisting of 55 single-family homes. Mr. Petrizzo, Board Member, expressed concern about the impact of this proposed development on our school district

Budget Presentation:

●Assistant Superintendent for Business, Al Kirkus, presented the FY 2019 Tentative Budget. Mr. Kirkus reported that our audited ending fund balance for FY17 was $22,386,906. The auditors are currently reviewing our books for FY18, however the anticipated fund balance for the end of FY18 is $42,095,870. In regard to the FY19 Tentative Budget, total Revenues are expected to be $52,342,956 and total Expenditures, including major construction, $61,109,245; total fund balance is projected to decrease by $8,766,289 to $33,329,581 by the end of FY19. Removing construction activity and looking at only day to day operations the district expects to receive $51,847,581 and spend $51,828,310. This view of only the operating funds results in a tentative balanced budget with a $19,271 surplus.

Approval of Extra Duty Supervision:

Extra Duty Supervision rate for approximately 8 hours per golf tournament for Andy Dole - Girls Golf Coach and Jake Gage – Boys Golf Coach.

The Next Regular School Board Meeting is September 25, 2018 at 7:00 pm A Budget Hearing will be held prior to the Regular Meeting at 6:45 pm