Explorers After School Enrichment Program

STEAM AHEAD WITH EXPLORERS is a unique after-school program designed to provide Homer 33C students with an opportunity to explore different STEAM subject areas using interactive, hands-on learning experiences.Workshops are offered in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (language and fine arts), and Math.Workshops are generally taught by professionals in their fields and provide diverse and unique learning opportunities.

Workshops are offered in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.Kindergarten workshops are conducted in the spring during the normal school day.First and second grade workshops are after school and all students are invited to participate.For grades third through sixth all students are welcome to participate in the science, technology and fine arts, workshops.The language arts and math workshops will continue to be offered to students who excel in those subject areas.

NEW FOR 2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR—In addition to the interdisciplinary workshops held for grades 1st-6th, many new workshops are being added to bring more STEAM learning opportunities to our students.

  • BUILDING BRIDGES is being moved to after-school for our kindergarten students.
  • Second grade students will have an art workshop added giving them an opportunity to work with pastels.
  • ALL ABOUT STEAM Workshop will give the third grade students a chance to learn about the variety of STEAM careers using fun, hands on experiments. Workshop will be held six times per semester.
  • OZOBOT BIT comes to the 4th grade as students will learn programming using these fun, mini robots. Workshop will be held six times per semester.
  • LEGO® Robotics Workshops will be offered to the fifth and sixth grade students from October through April. Students will use curriculum designed by the University of Illinois Will County Extension and 4-H Club to complete robotic projects.The workshops will culminate with a local and state competition in April, 2017.Enrollment will be limited to 20 students per school. Keep your eyes posted for further information.

A few things to remember when signing your child up for a workshop:

  • Fill out permission slips completely—don’t forget to check whether your child will be taking the after-school bus or not.
  • Turn in permission slip by due date to your school’s office or child’s teacher.
  • Be prompt when picking up your child from the workshops; on the flip side, please do not pick up your child early as it disrupts the class.
  • Any questions or concerns—please contact Program Coordinator at kanorville@homerschools.org or 708-712-6543

Click on your child’s school at left for schedules, permission slips and other information.Permission slips are due by the date posted on the sheet.

Karen Norville, Program & Grant Coordinator

Karen Norville

Program & Grant Coordinator
Fax: 708-226-7627


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