Explorers After School Enrichment Program

STEAM AHEAD WITH EXPLORERS is a unique after-school program designed to provide Homer 33C students with an opportunity to explore different STEAM subject areas using interactive, hands-on learning experiences.  Workshops are offered in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (language and fine arts), and Math.  Workshops are generally taught by professionals in their fields and provide diverse and unique learning opportunities.

New for 2019-20—All permission slips and payment will be through your child's PUSHCOIN account. Workshops are being added throughout the year, so be sure to check the Virtual Backpack and Pushcoin for the latest additions! For easy searching, when you are in the PUSHCOIN webstore, there is an EXPLORERS tab on the left-hand side of the page. Choose "Classes," and EXPLORERS workshops will be listed by grade level and school. You can also do a quick search by school using the words butler, goodings, hadley, schilling, young, or hjh.

For the first time, a music program for infants and toddlers is being offered entitled FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC. Registration information is also available on PUSHCOIN, as well as on the EXPLORERS website.

Workshop schedules and last-minute announcements are available on the Homer 33C website under the Learning Tab/EXPLORERS AFTER-SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM.

Kindergarten workshops are conducted in the spring during the normal school day.  First and second grade workshops are after school and all students are invited to participate.  For grades third through sixth all students are welcome to participate in the science, technology and fine arts, workshops.  The language arts and math workshops will continue to be offered to students who excel in those subject areas. Click on your child’s school at left for schedules, permission slips and other information.  

Registration Information—Workshop information will be sent home in the Virtual Backpacks and available on this website. Registration and payment will only be accepted through PUSHCOIN.

A few things to remember when signing your child up for a workshop:

  • Though registration closes on specific dates, workshops are filled on a first-come basis, so be sure to register early so your child is not disappointed.

  • There are a minimum amount of students needed for a workshop to be held. If a workshop is canceled, your refund will go directly to your child’s PUSHCOIN wallet for future use.

  • Be prompt when picking up your child from the workshops; on the flip side, please do not pick up your child early as it disrupts the class.

Karen Norville, Program & Grant Coordinator

Karen Norville

Program & Grant Coordinator
Fax: 708-226-7627


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