Student Privacy

Student Privacy

Effective July 1, 2021, the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) requires school districts in Illinois to publicly post additional information regarding student data. Homer School District 33C has always taken the privacy and security of student data seriously. We continuously monitor and guard all student data collected by online resources and curriculum. SOPPA helps all Illinois School Districts to increase transparency, protect student data, and protect student activity online. 

Linked below is a list current approved online resources in use at Homer School District 33C. This list is being updated and modified often. This list includes online services and applications the District uses, and any data collected by those tools. 

Homer School District 33C ISPA Online Student Resource 

Parents can request to review and correct any information maintained by the District or any online provider by contacting the Homer School District 33C Privacy Officer. 

Data Breaches
In compliance with SOPPA, Homer School District 33C will post details here about any data breaches involving 10% of more of our students. This will include information such as: information involved in the breach, date of the breach (or estimate), and service/operator name. Families will also be contacted directly as required. 


Additional Resources
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