Special Services

Homer School District Special Education Mission Statement

It is our mission to prepare future ready students to be accomplished and contributing members of society and to participate successfully in community and global environments. We pledge to provide individualized academic, social, and emotional supports in the least restrictive educational environment. We will provide the opportunity for each child to achieve their highest potential. Our primary goal is to accommodate all learners so they can be successful in a learning environment adapted to meet their needs. We are dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships with families, students, and the community to address the needs of the whole child.

The Special Services Department oversees programming and services for students with specialized educational needs.

Provided across the Homer 33C Schools are the following services:
  • A continuum of special education services to children with disabilities from age 3 through 8th grade.
  • Individualized service delivery to meet each learner’s cognitive, academic, communication and social emotional needs.
  • Inclusive programs and services that provide students with disabilities the opportunity to be successful in the least restrictive environment determined by each Individual Education Plan.
  • Identified services and supports are provided on a continuum and some may be in a special education classroom or program as determined by each Individual Education Plan.
  • Section 504 Accommodation Plans are provided to eligible students as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

All of our programs and services are monitored for compliance and meet state and federal requirements.

New Illinois State Law

Homer School District 33C will provide the parent or guardian of a student with an IEP, who is receiving related services pusuant to that IEP, with a copy of the related servce logs at the student's annual review IEP meeting. Additionally, a parent of guardian may request to view or receive a copy of his or her child's related service logs at any time and the District will provide those logs within ten business days of the request. 

Renee Karalus, Director of Special Services
Renee Karalus

Director of Special Services


Bridget Withrow, Assistant Director of Special Services

Bridget withrow

Assistant Director of Special Services

Amiee Dagenais

Administrative Assistant

Dee Johnsten