Buildings and Grounds

Department Goal

The Buildings and Grounds Department strives to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for the students in the care of Homer School District 33C as well as the employees of the school system.


  • Service oriented
  • Communicate with building administrators and staff
  • Know the condition of our facilities
  • Plan, estimate and schedule work
  • Operate with greater efficiencies

Department Overview

The Buildings and Grounds Department oversees and supervises all plant, building systems, maintenance and repair needs across the district, including its six schools, administration center and transportation center. We maintain 478,000 square feet of building space and 104 acres of land. In addition to overseeing the maintenance and repair of school facilities, the Buildings and Grounds Department expends considerable effort overseeing construction projects as well as performing minor construction projects. Meeting these demands and challenges takes creative management and teamwork to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all children and employees of Homer 33C.
Tim Russ

Director of Building and Grounds


Cheryl Ferrin

Building and Grounds Department Secretary